What is Crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is a method by which a group, community or collective of people come together to pool resources (money) for the purpose of advancing an endeavor, activity or business commercialization project via a growing number of internet web sites. Crowdfunding in many parts of the world are also used to provide a collective equity funding process in companies, although currently not allowed in the United States this method of investing has been authorized in the JOBS Act with rules and regulation under review with the Security and Exchange Commission.

Braintree professionals can assist you in developing your crowdfunding "pitch". Consideration must be given to your project, how much funding you need and which platform is best. Through our experiences Braintree professionals have developed relationships with crowdfunding sources and video production companies. If you are considering a crowdfunding campaign Braintree can assist you or your organization through the whole process of conceptualization through finished product.


As one of the Ohio Third Frontier incubators in Northeast Ohio, Braintree provides collaborative services, below market lease rates and access to a network of Braintree partners.

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Through Braintree's network of business and industry partners, Braintree is able to assist small businesses with their needs for counseling and assistance.

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Braintree can assist small business with grants, direct lending or leveraging capital where appropriate.

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