Bob Cohen, shared stories of recent start-up business ventures happening right here in Stark County, thanks in large part to the Stark Entrepreneurship Alliance, of which he’s a member. The Stark Entrepreneurship Alliance is a one-stop shop for early-stage and start-up companies in Stark County, OH. The alliance provides assistance in all aspects of creating and growing a business including business consulting, recruiting management, financing, real estate, product innovation, mentoring and coaching, legal and accounting, and more.Budding entrepreneurs are also invited to share their own ideas at an event called, Caffeinated Ideas in Canton. The event will be held on August 6th in Canton. Here’s how organizers explain it: “Call it Crowd Sourcing your ideas. Bring your business ideas (even if it is on a napkin) and we will talk about it. Need help with a marketing plan, let the group help you? Do you have talents or time and would like to interact with others starting or operating their business? Then we are looking for you!!! Our goal is to be informal and flexible.”

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