Right Time helps reintegrate offenders into society

April 1, 2014
by Candace Harrell, Richland Source

Entrepreneurs Willie Davis and Dr. Samantha Kurtz have come full circle:  from early careers in criminal justice, diversification into other career paths, and back to the criminal justice field. This time, however, it is with their own venture: Right Time, a faith based, for-profit initiative to help reintegrate offenders into society.

Right Time has developed, and is patent pending, an innovative mathematical system that measures, through a complex mix of psychometric algorithms and what Davis referred to as the “trade secret”, offender rehabilitation in real time.

“Think Equifax for offenders,” said Davis, explaining that offenders are given a score to determine their chances of recidivism.

“It’s taken us over five years and thousands of research pages to develop our system. When fully implemented, our system will be utilized as a safety measurement for the general public, a scorecard for intervention providers, and proof of positive prosocial reintegration for ex-offenders,” said Davis. 

Right Time’s initial program has been beta tested with excellent results, said Davis, and the company is currently processing academic third party verification from Florida State University’s “Project on Accountable Justice.”

“We are just starting a pilot project with Judges Ault and Ardis at the Mansfield Municipal Court to help Specialty Court probation officers with their probationers,” noted Davis. He added that probationer participation is strictly voluntary.

Davis, a Mansfield resident, said he began his career in criminal justice as an educator at the Ohio State Reformatory. He later became Director of the Richland County Juvenile Attention Center, but felt he wasn’t having the effect on offenders he had hoped for. He pivoted into a 19 year marketing career, where he eventually met his business partner, Kurtz.

Kurtz, who currently resides in Clearwater Beach, Florida, is a clinical psychologist specializing in organizational behavior and development. She also has an extensive criminal justice background, counseling what Davis called “some of Florida’s worst offenders” and developing a national template drug treatment program in Washington D.C.

Davis said the pair met when he hired her as a keynote speaker at one of his seminars. With a mutual interest in giving offenders a chance to reintegrate into society, they co-founded Right Time.

“We were like Don Quixote and Sancho, ready to tackle this huge windmill,” said Davis, comparing the idea of the two of them tackling the criminal justice system to the famous characters’ jousting of windmills.

“That was exactly when we met Braintree,” added Davis. Right Time is now a tenant at Braintree Business Development Center.

“They helped us rework our thinking about how our system gets integrated into the courts, corrections, and the offender treatment community,” said Davis.

“It’s such a big concept, we had trouble pitching it to potential investors,” said Davis. “Braintree helped us narrow our pitch.”

Davis noted that Braintree has also helped them find funding, as well as make legal and investor connections. He said Right Time plans on rolling out their new website with full system access in May.

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