In response to a community committee’s recommendation to invest resources in economic development; the Richland County Foundation is working with strategic partners to pursue opportunities in this space. The Foundation Board of Trustees engaged Jumpstart Inc. of Cleveland for a 16-week project.In this photo, Hrishue Mahalaha and Kate Hanna of Jumpstart and Steve Fritsch of Team NEO talk about Richland County entrepreneurs with Bob Cohen, executive director of Braintree, a business incubator located in Mansfield. The Foundation wants to develop a community plan that goes beyond a theoretical strategy. The Foundation’s objectives are as follows: Develop a plan for incremental pragmatic opportunities to further increase economic impact: Business attraction and retention, Workforce development, Start-up & Scale-up Support DevelopmentGain alignment among community leaders (including you) on both the strategy and the implementation path forwardPilot/test a set of recommendations and validate efficacy of the potential recommendationsDevise a framework which can be sustainable and deliver long term outcomes

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