Braintree board member Jay Miller launches Farm Tough brand

June 13, 2017
by Noah Jones, Richland Source

Being a farmer was not the original life plan for Jay Miller, but those who follow him on social media would never have guessed that.Nearly a decade ago, Jay's brother, Matt Miller, approached him asking to help him farm. Close 1 of 10 Buy Now Noah Jones Buy Now Noah Jones Buy Now Via Farm Tough Brand Buy Now Noah Jones Via Buy Now Noah Jones Buy Now Via Buy Now Noah Jones Buy Now Via Buy Now Noah Jones prevnext prevnext"My brother is an animal lover. He went to school for equine science, which is horse care," Miller said. "He asked me, 'Hey, if you would do the finances, if I will deal with the animals."The two Miller brothers purchased 20 acres of land for them to cultivate.But then life happened.His brother moved to Florida after having a child and left Miller with the plot of land and a book titled, "Everything You Need to Know about Horses."Miller, who does sales and marketing for DRM Productions as his day job, was now in sole possession of an operating farm.The self-described hobby collector rolled up his sleeves and began learning to farm. After years of YouTube videos, trial and error, and his can-do attitude, Miller raises goats, rabbits, chickens, horses and more herbs than his greenhouse should be able to handle.Last week, Miller unveiled a new clothing line with the motto "Farm Tough.""It started as me just using #Farmtough as I was learning stuff, or posting stuff (online)," Miller said. "And it kept building and building until I would go out and people (would greet me as) Farm Tough. It ended up being its own brand by accident."Then, a year a go, a friend of mine really pushed me to turn it into a business."
To him and his family, the mantra means, 'Get back up.'For instance, at one of his daughter's soccer games a few years back, Miller's daughter was knocked down pretty hard. From the stands, Miller stood up and shouted to his daughter, "Farm Tough!""People in the stands were like, did you just scream farm tough?" Miller remembered. "I said, 'yeah.'"His daughter stood up and flexed her muscles."It's the idea that if you knock me down, I'm going to play harder," Miller said.One of Miller's t-shirt business goals is to license out his shirt designs to stores such as Walmart, Tractor Supply or Rural King. His website has several shirt designs and Miller promised more were on their way."You have to jump before you know if you're going to fall," he said.

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