Last fall, gener8tor announced it would launch a cohort of gBETA programs in the Cleveland area — featuring up to three of the seven-week programs a year, held in spring, summer and fall — as well as Backline, a free accelerator program for local musicians and bands. The Greater Cleveland region marks the 18th market for the group.You can read more about how the Cleveland program came to be and how it works here.This first accelerator culminates with the Morgenthaler-Pavey Startup Competition on March 5. The public is invited to that event.
Here are the six startups participating in the current Cleveland spring gBETA program as described by gener8tor:
EnvironFlo provides an effective, cost-friendly and green solution for oil separation and cleanup. EnvironFlo leverages more than four years of Ph.D. research to bring to market an oil-water separation device that has 99% efficiency, differentiating it from other methods that use temperature, pressure or chemical absorbents. Founded in 2020, Environflo is a graduate of the Case Western Reserve University ThinkEnergy program.CEO and co-founder: Italo Silva,
FloatMe offers bank account monitoring, automated savings accounts and instant wage advances of up to $50 with no interest for low- to moderate-income employees. FloatMe's financial platform takes users from needing short-term funding to financial stability, creating customers banks want and opportunities to provide additional financial services. FloatMe recently completed the Venture For America Accelerator, finishing first in its cohort. FloatMe is a Delaware C-Corp with 2,100 customers generating $6,500 revenue and an organic waitlist of 70,000-plus signups.Chief operating officer and co-founder: Ryan Cleary,,
Roll-A-Rack's solar-panel racking system reduces commercial and ground-based solar array installation costs by 30%. Roll-A-Rack manufacturers solar array racks to custom lengths, on-site and on-demand, similar to how sheet-metal roofing and seamless gutters are made. Roll-A-Rack, a recent recipient of a $1 million Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant, is in active conversations with potential clients and on track for product release at the end of Q4 2020.Chief financial officer and co-founder: John Turner,,
Safety Skin develops body-care products with the adventurer in mind. Safety Skin's initial product offerings include a patented reflective skin spread and a reef-safe, mineral-based sports sunscreen. Safety Skin is available in 10 countries and over 400 independent, sports-specialty retailers with organic sales growth totaling $270,000 since launch in 2017.CEO: John F Kulbis,,
STARS develops a self-powered drone sensor device that enables drone insurers to track critical flight and usage data, establish liability and locate the drone in the event of a crash — all without reducing drone battery life. The STARS device empowers insurers to tailor coverage packages for various industries using drone technology in their operations. STARS formed five months ago based around a technology produced by four years of doctoral research from Case Western Reserve University to impact the booming drone industry.Chief operating officer and co-founder: Aparna Paul,
Wizest makes investing with financial advisers as easy as building a team in fantasy football. When a user drafts an adviser on Wizest, the platform replicates the adviser's virtual portfolio on the user's behalf. This allows for diversified investment strategies and engaging learning experiences through its gamified platform. Wizest, a Delaware C-Corp, has been recognized as one of Money 20/20's top 100 Fintech startups of the year and has 200 users on its signup list for app access.CEO and founder: Axel Thibbon,,

Source: Mansfield SunDown RunDown alum accepted in gBETA's Cleveland cohort URL: