Braintree's InfoGPS garners regional recognition for a successful launch

January 2, 2016
by Emily Dech,

MANSFIELD, Ohio -- InfoGPS is a local business gaining regional recognition.

The software company was one of four small businesses recognized last month by SCORE and the Ohio Small Business Development Center at Kent State University at Stark for its success in starting and growing its firm.

"It's flattering to see other people respond to what you're doing in such a positive fashion," Founder and CEO Paul Hugenberg, III said.

InfoGPS targets highly regulated industries required to manage the risks associated with collection of non-public information. The company views, tracks, monitors and classifies data in real time for businesses and organizations of all sizes within various market segments.

"InfoGPS is the result of support and advice from Cleveland to Youngstown, Akron-Canton to Mansfield, and Dover to Lorain," Hugenberg said. "We continue to ask these individuals, groups, and organizations for their advice nearly every day."

The startup launched in February 2014 at Braintree Business Development Center and has since expanded to the Canton area, where its corporate headquarters are located. Braintree continues to house InfoGPS's house sales and outbound calling.

"When we started the company, we committed to staying in Northeast Ohio and adding employees in the Northeast Ohio market," Hugenberg said. "And we also committed to ensuring that Mansfield is a location for adding employees through Braintree."

Hugenberg said the company is "four customers big, which is a real positive move for us.

"It's very tough to get your first couple of customers -- it's very competitive and folks want to see who else you've done business with and what size are those companies -- so for us as a new company we have a lot of relationship-building that we have to do to garner some trust."

But at least they know they're on the right track, Hugenberg said.

"We got an award based on the fact that we've developed so many relationships across Northeast Ohio and we've lived up to commitments that we promised people that we would do," he said.

He said they hope to keep the momentum going.

By the end of 2016, Hugenberg said they would like to boost the staffing levels from the current number (five) to 25 employees. He added that the goal is to have a salesperson in five or six major cities, such as Boston, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

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