Mansfield Mayor Tim Theaker said Mansfield is "rising" in his state of the city address released Wednesday, alluding to the "Mansfield Rising" economic development plan that was released to the public this month. "After a year of vigorous meetings, planning, and brainstorming, exciting transformations will be noticed throughout our area because of this initiative which will highlight all the wonderful attractions and warmth Mansfield has to offer," Theaker wrote.The 67-page Mansfield Rising plan, which details 31 proposed projects that would contribute to the revitalization of the city's downtown area, was spearheaded by the Richland County Foundation.It was developed over the course of a year after more than a dozen individuals traveled to SXSW in 2017 to gather ideas and bring them back to Mansfield. Braintree Business Development Center, Destination Mansfield, Downtown Mansfield Inc., Mansfield City Council, North Central State College, North End Community Improvement Collaborative, Richland Area Chamber of Commerce, Richland Community Development Group, Richland County Commissioners and Richland County Regional Planning all have voted to support the Mansfield Rising Plan, according to the foundation's website. Theaker also cited Mansfield's participation in the America in Bloom competition in 2018 for the second time and a beautification program was initiated to acknowledge and reward residents, businesses and churches for their beautification efforts. The competition, where a monthly winner is chosen, will continue this year.
"Another exciting effort in the works is the revitalization of the "Miracle Mile,"' Theaker wrote in the 11-page state of the city address. "Community leaders and business owners have formed to bring this stretch of Park Avenue back to the vibrant area many residents remember."

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