Braintree tenant Shower90 launches business

March 8, 2019
by Tracy Geibel, Richland Source

Wortman and his friend, Mitch Cox, came up with the idea after they had both experienced shoulder surgeries. "One night, we were talking about the pains of going through the process," Wortman said. "When I had surgery, I was in this big, bulky arm sling and was instructed to wear this for the next four to six weeks, and that I also needed to support my arm while I shower." Both were told to wrap a nylon strap or belt around their stomach and place their thumb in the loop to support their arm."And we were kind of surprised they didn't give us a product to use in the shower, but yet, we were both instructed to support our arms," Wortman said.He and Mitch brainstormed what an effective product might look like and searched online, but didn't find anything similar. Rather than accept defeat, they invented it. Wortman sewed the first prototypes while sitting in his dorm room, and the students competed in AU's Idea Labs Competition.
"I, at that time, was a terrible public speaker. I was very nervous, and we really had no idea what to expect. We didn't know if we were going to come out and they were going to say, 'Good job, this is a good product,' or 'This isn't really anything,'" Wortman said. Their idea placed first, and went on to win second place at a regional competition. Shower90 was also a finalist in the first Richland Idea Audition last year.
Cox has since gone on to have a career in financial planning, but Wortman says he wants to see where this business will go. He's set up at the Braintree Business Development Center and already offers the shower arm slings at Amazon and for $24.99 apiece. In the future, he'd like to expand into retail stores and maybe even offer the product in hospitals. He'd like for the Shower90 arm sling to be sent home with patients as they are leaving the hospital.

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