Two businesses graduate from Braintree's residency program

July 14, 2017
by Tracy Geibel,

Two businesses were honored Friday at the Braintree Business Development Center.Bruce Gold, of Solutions in Polycarbonate, and Andrew Bennett, of KnowledgePost, were celebrated with a luncheon after graduating from Braintree’s residency program.“The help that (Braintree) gave us was huge,” said Gold. “It was a good thing we ran into Bob Cohen (business advisor).”Braintree serves as an incubator for start-up businesses.Solutions in Polycarbonate manufactures window wall systems and skylights made to increase energy efficiency and durability.The company came to Braintree in 2016 after making pitches at SunDown RunDown events and the Akron ARCHAngels Investment Forum. But after every pitch, Gold heard the same thing.“They’d tell us come back to us when we had the prototypes,” he said.But it wasn’t that easy. He’d already invested an estimated $30,000 to $40,000 before prototypes were built.Braintree gave the start-up just what it needed. Gold said Cohen helped him develop a plan and provided space for the construction of the prototypes. Solutions in Polycarbonate also received a Braintree Tech Sprout Grant and is a client of the Appleseed Microfinance Program.Now Solutions in Polycarbonate needs a bigger production space, so Gold plans to move into a Medina location, near where he and his wife live.“It was great to be here to get things going and growing, but we knew where we were eventually heading,” Gold said.KnowledgePost also graduated from the incubator.CEO and co-founder, Andrew Bennett’s business serves as a web-based platform that connects training service providers with people who are seeking a specific skill set.He compares it to Consultants, educational institutions and professional trainers can connect with businesses and people who need their professional expertise.“There is no other platform, not even LinkedIn, which allows people and businesses to showcase all their professional services and learning resources,” Bennett said. “As a result, people and businesses are not being found by potential customers, which means they are missing out on potential revenue opportunities.”He says people might search Google for this information, but only find what they need after scrolling through pages of results.KnowledgePost was founded in 2013 and stayed as a Braintree resident since 2014.The business has received Braintree’s Third Frontier Direct Grant and the Innovation Fund “A” Award from the Lorain County Community College “GLIDE” program.Bennett will operate from MidTown Cleveland and focus on that region as his first market before expanding further.New to Braintree is NYTSTND, a company manufacturing charging stations for Apple devices.

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