InfoGPS can protect your data and your reputation

May 11, 2014
by Candace Harrell, Richland Source

InfoGPS Networks, LLC may be the newest innovation in the ever growing field of “Big Data.” The ability to tag and track data, to know where one’s information is, and to prevent it from being lost is a demand InfoGPS hopes to fill.

“We’d like to consider InfoGPS to not be a data security company. We’re really a company that just believes that information itself has value. We’re here for you to protect the things that are valuable to you; to make the best use of them, you have to know where they are,” said Paul Hugenberg III, who along with partner Rick Iler, founded InfoGPS Networks, LLC.

Hugenberg serves as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), while Iler is Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Hugenberg worked in Information Technology (IT) risk and security for 25 years, which is where the idea for InfoGPS evolved.

“We would end up with a lot of manual time in interviews, creating a lot of spreadsheets, and then reporting to the board what we knew, and then giving them this gray area of what we don’t know, and calling it ‘risk’,” he continued.

Hugenberg said that the worry of being held responsible for something he couldn’t know kept him up a night. As a result, he looked into creating a “Google-like” application that would target the internal network and provide better information, including the location of data, to people responsible for managing risk.

Tracking data, he noted, has become a necessity in today’s world of cyber technology. Not only are large corporations losing data through such things as “Heartbleed,” but small businesses, hospitals, and doctor’s offices are often affected.

“When you look at what has happened, they always lose information that was on their network that they didn’t know was there,” said Hugenberg. “They are losing that gray area.”

Hugenberg noted that in recent events involving the loss of credit card information in a large retail corporation, InfoGPS could have helped avoid the issue. The gathering of credit card information within the system would have been noted by InfoGPS’ software, which would have alerted the company. Additionally, the moving of that same data to a device outside the network would have also been reported.

InfoGPS is a subscription based business, with the price based on the number of devices on a network.

“The purpose behind that is because information is always stored somewhere, and that somewhere is always a device. If we can monitor who is coming in to your network, real time, and we can tell you when they are coming in, and then tell you what’s on all those devices, we think we’ve put you in a much better position to spend your control dollars in the right way, to be able to know where your customer’s information sits for asset purposes, to kind of eliminate as much of the risk as possible that you are going to end up in the newspaper tomorrow because you didn’t know what you’d collected,” said Hugenberg.

InfoGPS does not collect any of the data it services. “We are able to interrogate and index your network without ever reading or storing your personal information, so we as a company do not become an additive risk for you,” said Hugenberg.

“We are a low cost solution, primarily cloud based, that does not store, copy, or take any of your confidential data. We merely, as the name GPS infers, will provide you a roadmap to where it is,” he continued.

Companies interested in tagging their data with InfoGPS may contact Hugenberg at, 330-651-7040, or at the website.

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