WKBN-TV: Braintree's InfoGPS finds success despite doubters

December 18, 2016
by Brian Ivey, WKBN

Startup businesses all have one thing in common — they need someone to believe in them.One Poland resident has received more than a million dollars in investments for his tech company. Here’s how he got started.“We thought there was a problem and we didn’t come to the market selling a solution looking for a problem,” said Paul Hugenberg, owner of Info GPS Networks. “We came to the market because we recognized that there was a need. We listened to folks and developed a product around it. And we are starting to hear ‘Yes’ back.”Hugenberg started his company Info GPS Networks three years ago. It’s a software data risk and security company.They scan through business computer networks for sensitive or private information. They monitor if there are any threats on devices and their network to keep data safe.Many people told him he would fail.“You know, we were told that we probably wouldn’t do well in hospitals,” Hugenberg said. “Well we just signed one of the largest hospital networks in the midwest.”Hugenberg said there’s support out there for entrepreneurs with startup businesses. He said the process is similar to the TV show Shark Tank.“A component of that life is very frequent and similar in presentation to panels of potential investors or business mentors,” Hugenberg said.If you have a startup business and want information or find local investors, the Youngstown Business Incubator can set you up with many connections across northern Ohio to jump-start your business.“There are many incubators and accelerators in the network,” said Brittany Housel of the Youngstown Business Incubator. “We collaborate with each other, share resource [and] connect clients based on their needs.”

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