The Innovation Fund, Northeast Ohio's most active early-stage fund for technology-based startups, has injected $400,000 into seven of the region’s most promising young companies. Four companies received $25,000 awards aimed at validating technologies while three received $100,000 awards meant to prove business models. Here are the latest winners:Apollo Medical Devices ($25,000 | Cleveland) is developing a rapid, low-cost, accurate blood analysis system that can return results using only a single drop of blood. The company’s patented technology provides patient blood chemistry test results directly to a portable analyzer at the patient’s bedside. Its low-cost, highly portable product opens the field of use to the developing world, the military, and disaster relief organizations. The award will further product development and testing. apollomedicaldevices.comKnowledgePost ($25,000 | Mansfield) helps employers quickly find the right professional development providers, products and services. Today, employers spend roughly $156 billion on professional development solutions, but are forced to search google, reach out to their networks, and go through stacks of promotional mail, something that can take weeks to do. The funding will enable the company to complete phase one of its platform. knowledgepost.coLendULink ($25,000 | Cleveland) offers college planning and saving tools to help parents reduce the total cost of their child’s future college education. LendULink’s main product, a LendULink College Savings Account, is the only college savings account in the country that pre-qualifies households for low interest rate future college loans. With the funding, the company will develop its CollegePricer product, which estimates a user’s financial aid package for thousands of colleges based on each user’s own financial circumstances. lendulink.comSellHack ($25,000 | Lakewood) is a platform built for sales professionals who want to automate their manual tasks when prospecting for new business so they can get back to closing business and crushing quotas. Users can search millions of executive profiles, build prospect lists, verify email addresses or export data to a CRM. The company has plans tailored for sales teams from 1 to 1,000. sellhack.comBeegit ($100,000 | Olmsted Township) helps teams kickstart their collaboration. Working with a team on content becomes easier when you centralize your content, communication and organization in a platform that automates steps to keep everyone informed and on schedule. The company plans to use the funds to help with initial market scale for the platform, including taking advantage of customer integration opportunities and automating steps in the onboarding and marketing processes to deliver a better experience for our user. beegit.comCenterline Biomedical ($100,000 | Cleveland) is a Cleveland Clinic spin-off company developing a surgical navigation system for physicians performing endovascular procedures. Centerline’s technology reduces the amount of harmful radiation associated with these procedures, increases accuracy for better clinical outcomes, and will lower costs associated with these procedures. centerlinebiomed.comEverykey ($100,000 | Cleveland) Everykey is the wristband that replaces keys and passwords. The stylish wristband utilizes military grade encryption to grant access to key and password enabled devices. Everykey also manages a password keychain for automatic login to websites. Everykey plans to use the $100,000 toward production tooling for their product as well as continued software development to finalize the applications that allow Everykey to unlock smartphones, tablets, and computers.

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