Bob Cohen

Bob Cohen, CEO

Bob Cohen came on board in 2004 and has helped develop the resource capabilities of the various programs. He is a Certified Business Advisor (CBA®), a certified GrowthWheel® advisor, and a Certified Global Business Professional. He completed the coursework for the Incubator Management certification program of the National Business Incubation Association. Bob has a Ph.D. in Higher Education from Ohio University, an M.A. from The Ohio State University, an MBA from Franklin University, and a B.A. from the University of Akron. His entrepreneurial background is in insurance and broadcasting.

Previous to accepting the position at Braintree, he spent ten years working as regional manager for a Washington-based international business development agency and one year as operations manager for a Columbus-based micro-enterprise program. He has served on the faculty of North Central State College, Ashland University, and The Ohio State University.

Bob Leach

Bob Leach, Director of Operations

Bob Leach joined Braintree in April of 2007. As Director of Operations, he coordinates all activities of the incubation program. Bob provides primary interaction with tenant companies for incubator services, exercising agreements and contracts, business counseling and sourcing additional services. He has responsibility for the operations and maintenance of the facility and has completed certification in the Incubation Management Certification Program through the National Business Incubation Association.

Bob provides IT and network support, manages the Microsoft BizSpark program and serves as Braintree's representative for the Microsoft Partner Network. Bob provides technical support in many fields of engineering primarily in alternative energy, energy production, biofuels and energy storage.

Bob's experience includes 11 years in facility management, systems administration for a digital media manufacturing company, ten years in management for a national home center retailer, and four years in the US Navy. Bob is a graduate of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program. His entrepreneurial experience comes from owning several companies in the construction and services industry.

Barrett Thomas

Barrett Thomas, Microfinance Administrator

Barrett Thomas joined Braintree in May of 2009. As the Microfinance Manager, he designed and administers both the debt and equity style capital programs at Braintree, as well as starting the new Startup Cohort training program. The training program is a combination of the latest entrepreneurial best practices and uses a variety of learning styles. The Tech Sprout Grant Program is a competitive equity style funding process for new technology development; this can be used for pre-revenue businesses. The Appleseed Microfinance Loan Fund provides loan to small business owners up to $50,000 for business expansion and it has flexible repayment schedules. Additionally, Barrett does business modeling work with client businesses throughout the organization and the Northeast Ohio region.

Barrett came to Braintree with three years of micro-lending and program development experience gained in both domestic and international settings. He is an adjunct faculty member of The Ohio State University Mansfield and North Central State College. Barrett acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Systems at Taylor University Upland and a Master's in Business Administration from Taylor University in Fort Wayne.

Terrie Bonfiglio

Terrie Bonfiglio, Executive-in-Residence

Terrie Bonfiglio joined Braintree in April of 2013 as Braintree’s inaugural member of the Executive-in-Residence Program. She provides strategic competitive strategies for entrepreneur tenants of the incubator. She also evaluates potential market expansion opportunities for existing lines or services within the tenants’ Supply Chains.

With a background in pharmaceuticals, biotech, and polymers, Terrie is trained in creating and growing revenues, and helping to connect entrepreneurs with opportunities. She holds a degree in Agricultural Economics from The Ohio State University.