Braintree Family of Innovative Startups

Former coach Todd Kelley has used his experience in athletic training to develop the V9 Jaguar release device for speed training. Aspire is a Braintree resident company.

The Eluminator is a resident company that manufactures LED emergency warning lights. The Eluminator Series system is the latest in LED technology offering High Brightness Output with Low Power Drain and Low Heat Buildup. The Slim Line, Waterproof design allows for easy mounting inside or outside of a vehicle.

F&F Bearing Company
F&F Bearing Company is a resident company at our Mansfield location. They are also a client of the Appleseed Micro-Finance Program. F&F is a distributor of power transmission equipmentIn the United States. F&F Bearing Company stocks a line of power transmission belts designed for industrial and agricultural applications. Today, their warehouse holds over 100,000 belts in inventory with plenty of flexibility to serve their customers' needs.

Hess Industries
Hess Industries spent many years as a resident company and then spent five years as an anchor tenant of our Mansfield Building. They are a full service tool and die shop specializing in building and repairing Progressive and Transfer Dies. Their specialists have over 65 years of aggregate experience working in various tool and die production situations with simple and complex dies.

InfoGPS is a graduate company as well as a recipient of Braintree's Third Frontier grant, the Appleseed Micro-Finance Fund, the Innovation Fund of Lorain County Community College, and the Impact Angel Fund. This software company has disrupted the traditional IT Risk and Security markets by providing a holistic view of networks, using Data as the foundation. They serve all of North America's cyber security needs.

LapKeyBoard is a graduate of our Mansfield Center and a recipient of Braintree's Third Frontier grant. They are focused on innovative and newly patented design platforms for ergonomic keyboard usage. The first product was created in response to the need for greater comfort and convenience for Keyboard users, especially those who use a desktop or laptop for extended periods of time. The product is available at

An award-winning visual design team with over two decades of experience in shooting professional still and video media. They believe that exceptional visual content is the most effective way to generate a lasting audience response.

Ohio Toner Cartridge
Ohio Toner Cartridge is a longtime resident of Braintree's Mansfield building. They sell new, compatible and remanufactured laser toner cartridges used in printers, copiers, and fax machines throughout Ohio.

Ora K Beauty Products is a client of the Appleseed Micro-Finance program. They have perfected a line of special – blended formulas for Hair Growth applications, lotions, and shower gels. Ora Kay Eatmon developed today’s lightweight formula, but the tradition began many years ago. Ms. Freddie Mae Davis lived and worked on a plantation in the 1800’s. During the Reconstruction Era, she created a hair ointment for her children. This special grease was used for scalp problems and hair loss. The word got out about Davis's secret hair care regimen and soon others were using it too, combing through a thicker and healthier mane. The recipe remained in Ms. Davis's family for generations. Ora Lee (the daughter of Freddie Davis) handed the formula down to her granddaughter (Ora Kay) who figured out a way to lighten the formula and make it available for all hair types. She also worked with a team of chemists to develop a complimentary skincare line.

RADoptic is a recipient of Braintree's Third Frontier grant. Through Rotunda Scientific Technologies Company they are now developing cutting-edge technology and products in the nuclear industry. Their sensing device monitors nuclear waste, nuclear security safeguards, and medical radiation oncology

Right Time is a resident of our Mansfield building, a recipient of a Braintree Third Frontier award and the Innovation Fund award from Lorain County Community College. They have developed a mathematical system that measures offender rehabilitation efforts in real-time and produces computer-generated, evidence-based, prioritized rehabilitation plans that can be used to achieve successful rehabilitation outcomes.

Rotunda Scientific Technologies LLC
Rotunda Scientific Technologies LLC resides in our Mansfield building and is a client of the Appleseed Finance Fund. They are focused on serving the field of external Dosimetry and Health & Medical Physics in the areas of external radiation measurement and monitoring. They provide innovative products and consulting services where there are industry voids that are too small for medium & large companies to address.

An innovative medical device product company whose signature product is a water resistant sling for post-shoulder surgery patients.

Solutions in Polycarbonate
Solutions in Polycarbonate is a graduate of our Mansfield residency program and a client of the Appleseed Micro-Fiancne program. Now in Medina, they are a manufacturer of unit skylights and window systems using advanced materials incorporating polymer-based glazing panels. They serve the needs of a new breed of energy conscious architects and building designers.

Trent Balduff is the originator of "Have A Hive," a unique way for people to sponsor beehives, save the bees, help beekeepers and organic farmers, AND be rewarded.

Formerly a resident of our Mansfield program, TextLoyal brings the power of Text Marketing to small and big business alike! They can help a company build their own customer list and market to them in the most effective ways possible. With new advances in technology, Mobile Marketing is now easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes. No other form of advertising gets a greater return on investment than Text Marketing!